Welcome to Greenock Bistro

What was once a welcoming Bed & Breakfast here in Orange County is now a beautiful location for dining.

Wine & cheese in the Dining Room.

Wine & cheese in the Dining Room.

Enjoy lunch, tea or dinner in luxurious Victorian ambiance. Not only are there multiple dining rooms in the house itself, we have added a large Veranda under roof.

Wisteria & Evergreens

Wisteria & Evergreens

When the weather is beautiful, enjoy your meal viewing beautiful gardens and maybe some of our local wildlife.

Here are a few examples.

One of our butterflies!

One of our butterflies!


Beautiful Bird

Beautiful Bird stopped by for a visit.

Join us soon for a fabulous meal!




2 thoughts on “Welcome to Greenock Bistro

  1. Why are directions, location and phone number missing on your website? If one was a non-local visiting the area, desiring a nice meal, they would never know how to find you or even which state you are in! There are Orange Counties in a number of US states. I live in Madison County, VA, so am looking forward to a meal at your restaurant soon. Other than the above your website provides the basic needs.

  2. Sorry about that. I got it fixed. I didn’t notice that when I migrated to a new theme, the info widget didn’t move along too. Thanks for letting me know.

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